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Korean snacks are really delicious, the most famous, street food

 Making this korean food video is very satisfying ,  It's really delicious!! The most famous Korean traditional market chicken in Korea Top 6 / street food

We sell 20 tons per month!! Korean seasoned chicken served with charred rice. 50 years of traditional half half chicken! Eat in line in the morning! Popular Market Chicken Restaurant. Unique chicken restaurant of all time appeared!? Chimaek Hot Platter to eat in line even in summer! 3 types of Boneless Chicken. and see the latest video updates from us by clicking the link below.👉
 and below is the process of making Korean fried chicken,,

 from the video how to cook it to become a delicious dish. and the owner of the video is Hi Foodie, you can support it by clicking the link above.Thanks

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