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Easy way to download videos and pictures from instagram

 Many interesting things for us to save in the gallery such as on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media.

and this time I will give tips on how to download images and videos from Instagram and others. this method can be done via cellphone and pc, let's try it

through the website and among others

1. Igram


igram is a website that makes it easy to download videos and images on Instagram.and the method is very easy, just look for the video or image that you want to download, then look for the three-dot icon in the video, then click copy the link and paste it into the igram website, put it in the column and just download it.

and the second is to use the steps are the same, just select the video then copy the link and just paste it.

3.Save instagram

Save insta

and the third using save insta. and you can download all of them through the website provider above, the steps are also the same as described no.1.

and I explain if an error occurs, don't worry, we just change to the next website.
maybe that's the way to download videos and photos from instagram and all platforms like facebook and youtube you can also download through the website. thanks

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