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a surefire way to increase traffic on blogs and youtube

 Hi. Nice to meet you. we must be annoyed and tired sometimes if the videos or articles on Youtube and Blog/Wordpress are still empty of visitors, okay, we will discuss it together"

 in a way to increase viewers and traffic we should take advantage of the media that is around us. 

 and these are some media that you can try to promote your Blog and Youtube in that place.
  1. The first is Facebook This media is the largest in the world and an opportunity you can try by sending a link and making a status like a video along with the link. In addition, if you have a Fanspage, it is an advantage in itself, besides bringing in visitors, you can also sell products from you.
  2.  Second is instagram, Instagram is also platforms like Facebook, Ig is also the biggest media in the world, many people have successful careers because on Instagram and anyone can do it. Because this site has lots of places to promote products and sell products, it can even give endorsements to influencers who have thousands of followers because they can benefit each other.
  3. third is Twitter, don't take this media small because all media can provide their own benefits. As long as you make posts that are in accordance with your Blog and Videos and provide your link, someone will definitely visit it. In order to bring in visitors, it is consistent with your work. and boom see the results.
  4. fourth is Pinterest, a medium where photographers and editors provide their best quality photos and videos. and you can try it here by posting a photo that you made well, it doesn't hurt you to try and provide a description plus your link so you can get visitors. Suggestions give posts according to your work.

Some of the above is where I spread some of my work and that is how to get visitors. and maybe you guys can also give more advice what is lacking. and also you can promote your work here by sending your email with a note that there should be no content that is not educational, such as pornographic content. send your comments what media is still lacking that I provide in my article, thank you.

remember bro everything needs a process and needs to be consistent you can do it by looking for free time and if you feel boring you can listen to music or videos and motivational words to be more enthusiastic. warm regards

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