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Make $10,000 Per Month Re-Uploading YouTube Videos

 Make $10,000 Per Month Re-Uploading YouTube Videos

in this video, I'm going to show you step-by-step exactly how to start re-uploading YouTube videos and make $10,000 per month! And not only is this working right now in 2020 but I'll also show you a secret bonus hack that can makIe you even more money BEFORE you ever get monetized on YouTube - Enjoy!

You can watch the video below and learn it!

Overview of this video: If you want to start making money by re-uploading YouTube videos, this video is the perfect place for you. I lay everything out completely step-by-step and each resource/tool I talk about in the video is linked above just in case you want to come back later and easily access them :-) Before we get started, I have to mention how silly some people are - I see so many comments on videos I've made similar to this saying that you can't monetize this type of content... but I show you proof inside the video that their comments are completely false... you just gotta do it properly (which I'll show how). First, you would have to create your channel. For this type of channel I would suggest making a brand name with keywords in it rather than using your own personal name like I do. You do this for 2 reasons. 1, people instantly know what your channel is about and 2, you could sell this channel later on for BIG BUCKS because it isn’t linked to any one person. (The link to my free course that shows how to do all this is above.) Second, we are going to get the content ready. These types of videos are actually super easy to create once you know how - I suggest using the 3 stock footage sites I linked above to get the content together. As for the background music, YouTube Audio Library is the BEST resource for this, hands down! Third, we are going to edit the audio and video together. There are many video editors out there, free & paid. iMovie is by far the best free option, windows free option sucks... so if you can't afford a paid option, check out OpenShot. For paid options, Filmora & Camtasia are the best. You can get free trials above and see which you like more (that's what I did) and I ended up picking Camtasia. And don't worry, I show you how to edit everything together - it's super simple. :-) Fourth, we are going to get our affiliate links. This is a special link we use for a business model called affiliate marketing. That's where you just promote someone else's product that is already created... and THEY deal with all the customer support, order fulfillment (if any), payment processing, etc. Then, when someone purchases after clicking your affiliate link... YOU get a commission - it’s literally the most simple way to make money with YouTube. The hard part is finding a good affiliate program, but I've already done that for you! And this program can be used in almost any country, even India and the Philippines. It's actually on an affiliate network called ClickBank and it's completely free to use! They have tons of products on there (not all of them are good) but I found one that is not only selling like hotcakes - but it’s absolutely perfect for this type of channel. So all you have to do now is get your link, shorten the link, add it to your description... and let the money start rolling in!

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